Thursday, September 08, 2011

Party Suprise!!!

GUESS WHAT you guys! My grammy and grampy are the best humans because they sent me a box of stuff in the People Mail and it had MY name on it so it is For Me okay. I opened it up all by myself with the sizzors until Geoffrey got mad and said remember how I am not sposed to use scizzors cause of the thing with my sister Gertie only having four hairs instead of five and that was definitly NOT ME OKAY but anyway how else do I open a big old box with no scizzors? I dont have any claws, you guys.

There is a letter inside! FOR ME, and it is about how this stuff is for a Party Suprise and I can give out presents. I bet you maybe are too dumb to know this but a Party Suprise is different from a Suprise Party because it's like Hey guys this is a party for everybody and also it is a suprise, yay! And it is not Hey buddy we are hiding and we jump out and yell SUPRISE for your party and scare you. Just get that straight okay.

The presents in this People Mail box were not all for me, KoKO. But that is okay, I am pretty genrous and I at least got to give out the presents and be the cool guy.

Geoffrey got some small bottles with brown stuff inside and he was pretty excited about those.

Renee got a different kind of box. I dont know you guys. It is a smaller box inside the bigger box and it has colors on it?? Whatever.

But anyway that is boring, LOOK AT MY THING. It is way cool. It is like a game about zoo animals and you have to figure out what animal somebody else got so you can win. The first animal I got was RHINO which I think I hit the button wrong so I had to try it again a few times but the next animal I got was SNAKE and that was funny cause I can act like a snake and crawl around.

Geoffrey got LION and he is wierd, he started singing like the Lion King music in the start of that movie. That is not what a Lion sounds like and also there are like seven jillion different animals in that movie, smartiepants guy Geoffrey. But I guess the movie is named about Lions so whatever. Do you think he cheated. It only really matters what I think because it is my game and I am in charge of it but I am just wondering I guess.

Presents for me! Party suprise! YAY!!!!!!!

The Lion King is a pretty good movie you guys

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Thinking about stuff

I am SO SICK of my annoying brothers and sisters!!! They are always taking my stuff and sometimes they break it or do not give it back! My stuff is MINE and they keep finding my hidey places and why are they so crummy!!

I tried real hard to think about what is good about having any brothers and sisters and the only thing I can remember is that if I ever had to Rescue somebody who fell off a big tall rock then me and my brothers and sisters would all hold on real tight to each other like those barrel of monkeys guys in Toy Story and then we would make a long chain and pull somebody up and it would be exciting.

ALSO it is good that if I want to play Kick Ball or Mario Kart or What Is The Smallest Box the Cat Will Get Inside Of then sometimes I guess it is good to have some brothers and sisters because they will be on your team or they will be on the other team if they arent smart enogh and then I will beat them. I guess if they go away then I can not beat anybody at Mario Kart and that is like the whole Idea of playing stuff so you can win.

But there is way more bad stuff about having brothers and sisters, OK?! Most of them are big dumb-dumbs who like to roll around and lick stuff. Frankie is totally wierd and will never be cool. Clyde likes to look at pictures in books and ask me questions about them like how I feel about the pictures and NOBODY wants to talk about that. They all mess up my TV Box numbers. They dont get why Shakespear was SO OBVIOUSLY the best MeerKat on MeerKat Manor and they are just mainly all horrible. If I had a rocket-ship I would not take ANY of them to Outer Space with me. Except Clyde I guess because we need a big nerd to fly the rocketship but that is all he can do, he can not try to look at space clouds or shoot lazers at space rocks. AND you guys know he would be like I dont know if it is WISE to tell Sargent Quonkers the Cactus Head Alien to get lost before we blow up its crystal castle and nobody wants a boring nerd telling you what is wise instead of what is awesome.

Wouldnt it be awesome if I really saw a crystal space castle with blue lights under it! Oh man. It would float i mean we allready know that because stuff floats in space but also it would have big sticky arms like an Octo-Pus and that would be so great and also there would be no brothers or sisters allowed it would be just MY castle and you would watch all the TV shows at once on all of the shiny walls.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Television Box

OK YOU GUYS SO GUess what there has been some important stuff happening and I am going to report it to you. This is what is Happening

The humans got a new TV box thing that makes more TV channels live here. That is the best thing to pretty much ever happen besides when I found out that there is pie that tastes like bananas. Oh wait and also when I found out about how some kinds of fish LIGHT UP!!!

I want to make my own TV show do you think it will go on the new TV box if I like write some Computer Mail to the TV box. I do not know if it is like a Computer Box but probably it is smart too and can make stuff happen like make up new TV shows because honest who else would be thinking up this kind of stuff that is on TV. You guys I saw one show that just shows words in some other people language and plays stupid music. THERE ARE NO PICTURES OR ANYTHING. Nobody could really think that is a good idea for a TV show so obviously I have to get some Great Ideas and make them happen.

Here is the first show I am thinking that I should do. I will be in the show (DUH) and it will be about me OK but I am actually a monster from Outer Space. I have a thing where I like to make extra eyeballs pop out of me to scare people and so it is just like one human is talking like Oh hello there look at this awesome space monster, he is more handsome than most other space monsters I have seen, and then all of the sudden PLOORP!!!! An extra eyeball grows out of my face. The human falls over and hurts himself and then some other humans hold up signs about how he gets a number of like 3.2 and then they laugh about how he hurt himself.

Most of the funny human TV shows are about hurting themself by accident which is always funny and they make these awesome noises like BLOOIINKK and a human gets hit in the head with a base-ball or falls down.

OK and here is a totally completely different TV show I can make, it is a very Serious show. I am a doctor in this show but when I am done doing doctor stuff then I am a lawyer and then later on I am a police man. So i do all of those things real awesome and sometimes I also get a big water thingie and make fires go away. And there is lots of parts where everything goes real slow and I look way cool and I have sunglasses or I am like walking to a place kind of slow and music is playing and mainly I look cool is the important part. Oh and the other very important part is that I put on a different special hat every time I do a different job. But oh man one time I have the wrong hat! it is a Doctor Hat, but there is a fire! That is not the right hat! LOUD SOUNDS!! What will I do. I guess you will have to watch that show to find out, dummy.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Stuff that is not about Me

This is some stuff about my brother Frankie and you can go to this computer place about my brothers and sisters if you want to see more about them, see it up at the top of here??? I only did a Special Inter-View with 2 of them but I will do more I am just tired OK deal with it


So this one time the humans went to a place called Frankie's Fun Place or something and that is where Frankie came from. Geoffrey brought him home. He can not read or write and I think he is dumb.

Clicky on these words to read more about Frankie

Friday, January 21, 2011

Dragons are not that Scary big deal they are big and have some teeth

Whatever you guys.

This is a Dragon.

I think she has a wierdo Dragon name and she lives with my gramma Susan and she has a brother and that brother is totally also a Dragon.  I dont really like girls but these dragons were OK and this is a girl dragon, lets just not talk about that part.

I am wearing a crown thing in this picture. (I am the one who is not a Dragon, I am the handsome Gorilla) My Gramma Susan made me this awesome crown because she thinks I am awesome.

Here are some things I thought Dragons did.  Make things be on fire, eat humans, sit around with lots of shiny gold treasure in piles, sleep inside awesome caves, stomp around, make that snortee noise like a horse.

The dragons I met did not do any of those things.

Here are some things they did. Take naps on a comfy bed, talk to each other real serious about books or something, take the outside yummy peel part of an orange off of it in one piece with their toe claws, tell me that I had to stop playing Geoffrey's race car game because it was time for a show called Anteek Road House????  There are no animals or race cars at all on that show.

But I guess they were still pretty cool. They did not know Franke is dumb so they would be all saying stuff like SO FRANKLIN DO YOU PREFER THESE FANCY BOOKS WITH THE COVERS, OR THIS BOOK I JUST WROTE ABOUT FEATHER PENS AND VIOLIN MUSIC and Frankie would kinda get bored but I dont even think they were making fun of him, and then they said I should teach him how to read because you just totally have to be able to read or else.  I never found out what they mean by OR ELSE because they would just get kind quiet and shake their pointy dragon heads

Guys I just had a pretty great idea what if Frankie did want to learn how to read? Would he have to go to school all the time like Geoffrey?? Then would he leave me alone like all day long and I would get to watch whatever channel I want all the time? Humans really like going to school like a whole lot, like they can't just watch TV and learn stuff, ha ha.

The Dragons watch all kind of these TV shows where humans stand around rooms and look sad and talk to each other in funny human talk.  The shows are pretty boring if you ask me about what I think of them.

But guess what you guys.



So Dragons are kind of cool and kind of not cool.  I can not make up my mind but I guess they are OK.  Sometimes you have to think about stuff so much that you just have to stop and eat all of Renee's carrots before she gets home from Where Ever

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Very Important Announcing of Stuff

You guys!!!

This is a very important thing for you to know about.






He says he is a big movie star and he came home with Geoffrey from the store where all of his movies are!  I pushed some buttons on the computer box and I found out that he is in a big deal movie with lots of other minions and he can do stuff like fly rockets and build stuff and follow orders and run around.  I am goig to watch the movie and get some Great Ideas for stuff he can do. I will tell him what to do. I hope he doesnt have like TOO MANY fans because I do not want him to be sad when he finds out I have more fans than him.  He is named Stuart you guys what kind of stuff should he do??

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

F. L. is like a good way of saying his name

OK here is the Good Guy Super Hero!  His name is FLowertime Lazer and he is a super strong flower who can fly and he has a shield and he shoots lazers out of a gun and he never runs out of lazers and the lazers can kill any kind of monsters or aliens unless they are magic lazer proof!  I dont know if Doctor Toast will be able to survive against FLOWERTIME LAZER!!!

This is Frankies drawing. I told him all the important stuff about F. L. and I told him to definitely definitely NOT make F. L. be wearing stupid human shoes.  But he can wear a cape and a belt. And he needs some cool sunglasses because he is real cool.

I wish he was waering a special hat but I guess his flower face thingies would get crushed.  Do you guys think he has to sleep with his stick feet in the dirt and drink water because that is what I think.

totally evil Doctor Toast

You guys are sort of smart for humans. You did a real good job on my clicky game!  On my computer place!! You picked some good super heros to win and be awesome. There was totally a tie so I decided that Flowertime Lazer and Doctor Toast would both win. I decide stuff here because I am the boss of everything on my computer place.

OK. Here is what happend!! I told my brother Frankie that I need some Drawing Portrats. You guys remember he is kind of good at making pictures of stuff. Not like pictures inside a camara box but pictures that he makes up from his own wierd fat hippo brain. So I tryed to make some drawings of the 2 Super Heros and they DID NOT look good at all. Like I saw in my head that they would be totally awesome with one guy as a super good guy and maybe Doctor Toast would be a real evil Villin. Like here are some other villins I know, SKELETOR, COBRA COMMANDER, RITA ON POWER RANGERS, BIG GIANT EYEBALL ON TOP OF TOWER IN LORD OF THE RINGS, DARTH VAYDER, SHREDDER.  Those are evil!! But when I did my Drawing it looked like a blobby seal with a mustash and not at all like a bad guy! Why cant I do drawings of stuff and make it look like what I want?! Is there a show on the T.V. about making drawings?

Frankie knows how to make drawings!! I dont get it because he can not even READ and stuff. Like I could not just point at my computer place to tell him what to do. I had to tell him about it so he would know what to draw without having to read it. First I told him that the name of the winner was Fat Hippo Butt. Ha ha ha. But then he really drew a fat hippo butt and it was gross guys. He doesnt get jokes too good. So then I told him Doctor Toast was the real guy and he was evil and he should have a mustash and one of those round glass things with a chain that sticks in one eye. And I definitely DEFINITELY want him to have a pet chicken that is also evil I mean DUH. So here is what Frankie made.

You guys tell me if it is any good OK because I cant decide. I mean I guess he does look pretty evil and stuff. But I did not tell Frankie that Doctor Toast wears those kind of human shoes. THOSE ARE SNEAKERS and I have never seen a real evil guy wear sneakers. I dont know about this.

The chicken is kind of cool though